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Digital Dual SIM Adapter - Is It Any Good?

A user's experience with using two sim cards in one phone

Using a twin sim adapter allows me to combine the advantages of two different phone tariffs that come with two SIM cards. My tariffs are "Genion Online" by O2 Germany and "Professional S" by E-Plus and the ghost adapter I bought is the "Digital Dual Sim Adapter II", which allows switching network lines by software, thus making it quite comfortable.

Countless accessory dealers offer all kinds of dual sim adapters in various designs and I went through numerous websites looking for a ghost adapter that would meet my requirements. While doing so I noticed that while many people seem to be interested in using more than one sim card with their mobile phone, most of them are unsure what kind of adapter to buy and almost anyone fears dealing with crappy accessories that won't do what is being promised.

So in order to ease the decision for others who still ask themselves, if cropping one's sim cards is a good idea or wether they should rather get a dual sim cover, and for all the people who currently wonder what all these terms mean anyway, I wrote a little user report to share my individual experience.

It's available in two languages - enjoy reading: